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Not to be mistaken with Deadwood, South Dakota, the Deadwood Trading Post in Deadwood, Oregon highlights our beautiful coastal mountain community. Our on-line store lists Authors, Books, Art, Pottery, Ceramics, T-Shirts, Watercolor, Paintings, Handmade Pencils, Drawings, Pen and Ink, Tie-Dye, and Wood Products. We also highlight Fishing, Hunting, Pictures of Oregon's Coastal Mountains, Logging, Creeks, Rivers, Streams, Salmon, Steelhead, Elk, Deer and other wildlife. Please take the time to visit our artist pages and enjoy your stay.

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Deadwood Trading Post

Deadwood Oregon Trading Company, Deadwood, Oregon

Garden Boxes

Garden boxes are designed with 2" thick ruff cut cedar.  Boxes come in many sizes and can also be made to order.

$ 30.00  *  36"W x 48"L x 6" D

$ 60.00  *  36"W x 48"L x 12"D

$ 35.00  *  48"W x 48"L x 6"D

$ 70.00  *  48"W x 48"L x 12"D

$ 47.00  *  36"W x 96"L x 6"D

$ 94.00  *  36"W x 96"L x 12"D

$ 53.00  *  48"W x 96"L x 6"D

$106.00  *  48"W x 96"L x 12"D

48" x 48" x 12" deep
48" x 48" x 24" deep
36" x 48" x 12" deep
36" x 96" x 6" deep
48" x 48" x 6" deep
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Garden Fence and Trellis.  

Both made of locally grown alder by Michael Zachai.  For years of enjoyment, treat with linseed oil or other wood preservative.

Fence is 48" long and 16" high.  $15.00

Trellis is 72" tall and 30" wide at top.  $20.00

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The "First Thanksgiving" Game

This board game is "new" to the market and is a must have for every family.  Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to gather and enjoy the blessings in their life.  We are thankful for each other and all we have to share. The "First Thanksgiving" game provides an opportunity to sit around the kitchen table and share our lives while learning a little about the history and meaning of Thanksgiving.  What are you thankful for?

Your journey begins in England.  You set sail heading west across the Atlantic Ocean searching for the New World.  During this adventure you attempt to use the trade winds and steer clear of hurricanes.  Setting foot in the new territory presents additional obstacles including cold winters and starvation.  The object of the game is to survive these obstacles and collect enough food for the "First Thanksgiving" feast.  You learn a little about the difficulties the pilgrims faced and reflect on the blessings in your life.  The "First Thanksgiving" game is fun for all ages.  It makes a great holiday gift.  Buy it today for $19.95.

The "First Thanksgiving"
The "First Thanksgiving" game
Tools - Logging - Manufacturing

Gravity Roller Conveyor sections 120” long x 12” wide, $30.00 each, just $3.00/foot.  

Used, in very good condition. 10 foot sections, 12” wide, 10” rollers 4.5”oc. Galvanized. Can be used indoors or outdoors.  

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Custom made portable Saw Mill  $1500.00

Mill platform can handle a 12 foot long log.  Bandsaw is powered by a 5 hp Briggs and Stratton motor and can saw a log up to 18" diameter.  Portable mill is in very good condition.  Located in Deadwood, Oregon.  Call or email us for more information.  Contact us.

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Need more information?  Contact us.
Need more information?  Contact us.
Need more information?  Contact us.
Need more information?  Contact us.
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Great gift for the teacher or educator in the family.
Men's white t-shirt with scroll as seen on right.

Available in women's upon request.

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Versatech Brush Grapple  $1800.00

Multi-function grappler.  Quick connect for skid-steer tractors or Kubota with quick connect like the one shown.  Sells for $2300.00 or more new.  This Grappler is NEW.  Owner has two and he is selling one.  Contact us.

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Life Size Foosball Court.
Life Size Foosball Court.  

34 ft long, 14 ft wide, and 4 ft high sides.  

Includes nets, streamers, and shade fabric.

Price does not include delivery

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Carnival Supplies
See more information and pricing in the Deadwood Trading Post store.
$800 or best offer. Covered trailer with solid 1 1/4 inch plywood deck. Sides are framed with angle iron. Sides & roof are functional but need repair. Deck is 6.5x14.5 feet. Total length is 17.5 ft. Frame is 6 inch construction. Wired with lights. 
$995 or best offer. Deck is 8x16 feet. Total length is 19.5 ft. Constructed with 10 inch I beam frame and mobile home axles. New plywood deck.  

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$350 or best offer.  5 1/2 ft x 14 ft tilt bed.  Total length 17 ft. Farm Trailer.  Single axle no springs.  Great for hauling small tractors and equipment.  
Polaris 90 Sportsman kids ATV.  2003.  Great condition. Low hours. Barely ridden since 2007.  Has been in storage. Never ridden on the dunes/sand/salt. Only ridden on logging roads and trails.  
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