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Deadwood Trading Post

Deadwood Oregon Trading Company, Deadwood, Oregon

Siuslaw Watershed Council   Siuslaw River Basin

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Community Comments

The intent of the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act is clearly just exactly like our mothers when they tried to teach their children well. My mother put it this way: 

"If you are responsible for making a mess, you need to recognize that you have a responsibility in this family to note that you have messed up and to then take the responsibility to clean that mess up so that it does not harm other members of the family! Now, get working and clean up that mess, and don't give me any more excuses that your brothers and sisters or your parents should do it for you because you are 'more important' than anyone else! You need to clean that up before you go out and play! You even need to clean it up before you go out to work! You are harming others by your messy ways and the health of the whole family is more important than your inflated opinions of your own selfish importance. Wise up and help us all clean up this mess cooperatively or lose your inheritance! Selfishness is not an option in this family. You cannot crap all over the rest of us and expect us to value your other activities while you avoid getting dirty while you are out making money.. or whatever else you do."
Not to be mistaken with Deadwood, South Dakota, the Deadwood Trading Post in Deadwood, Oregon highlights our beautiful coastal mountain community.  Our on-line store lists Authors, Books, Art, Pottery, Ceramics, T-Shirts, Watercolor, Paintings, Handmade Pencils, Drawings, Pen and Ink, Tie-Dye, and Wood Products.  We also highlight Fishing, Hunting, Pictures of Oregon's Coastal Mountains, Logging, Creeks, Rivers, Streams, Salmon, Steelhead, Elk, Deer and other wildlife.  Please take the time to visit our artist pages and enjoy your stay.

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