Not to be mistaken with Deadwood, South Dakota, the Deadwood Trading Post in Deadwood, Oregon highlights our beautiful coastal mountain community. Our on-line store lists Authors, Books, Art, Pottery, Ceramics, T-Shirts, Watercolor, Paintings, Handmade Pencils, Drawings, Pen and Ink, Tie-Dye, and Wood Products. We also highlight Fishing, Hunting, Pictures of Oregon's Coastal Mountains, Logging, Creeks, Rivers, Streams, Salmon, Steelhead, Elk, Deer and other wildlife. Please take the time to visit our artist pages and enjoy your stay.

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Deadwood Trading Post

Deadwood Oregon Trading Company, Deadwood, Oregon

Deadwood Food Cooperative

Bringing natural, whole, organic, and local foods to Deadwood

  • The next co-op order is due Sunday May 26, 2024 @ 5:00pm. Distribution will be Tuesday, June 5, 2024. We'll call when orders are ready for pick up. Please write your phone number on the order. - Submit your original order and a copy. ** Please make your check out to Yvonne Pappagallo, the bank will no longer cash any checks made out to Deadwood Food Co-op since we don't really qualify as a business or nonprofit. ** Please note, we don't order produce in the summer, in order to support the Deadwood Farmers' Market.

Our vendors and links to their catalogues

What is the Deadwood Food Co-op?

The Deadwood Co-op is a food buying club comprised of Deadwood area members. Established in the 1970’s and run by volunteers, we bring natural, whole, organic, and local foods to Deadwood. We order six times yearly: February, April, June, August, October & December.

How to become a Member

Lifetime membership is $25 per household. New members are welcome to join. For more information call Cathy, 5371.

Instructions for filling out Order Form

When ordering please follow these guidelines which will prevent mistakes & help the workers.

Use black ink. (Blue ink & pencil don’t copy well.)

On back of form, don’t write anything in “Do Not Use” area. This is for bookkeeping only & Nancy will fill it out.

Don’t write in 1st & last columns.

Fill in all product code numbers, including splits.

For bagels, order in packs of 4. (That’s how they are packaged.)

The 5th column on the form is “#”. That means the quantity/number that you want, i.e. 1 case, 2 gallons, 5 lbs. Please specify.

The 7th column “ Product Size”, is the amount/size of the product listed in the catalogue/on-line, i.e. 12x32oz , 50 lbs, 5 gallons.

Please submit an extra copy with your original order. If you can’t, I will copy it, however, it really helps me if you can.

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