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05/24/2013  Here is an interesting website that shows what the world would be like without the Post Office.

05/10/2013  The U.S. Postal Service reports a $1.9 BILLION loss for the second quarter.  It is less than last year but a significant loss non the less.  Stamps may go up again and renewed calls for Post Office closures and reduced hours will no doubt be heard nationwide.  Click here for the full story...


Another update regarding the Post Office from Judith and Les.  Deadwood is mentioned in the story (see blue column).  See link for full story.

 BERKELEY, California, Jan 31 2013 (IPS) - Several dozen people filled the seats in a downtown storefront Tuesday night to plan how to save a landmark they say belongs to the community – a 99-year-old post office the United States Postal Service wants to sell.

Berkeley is just one of thousands of cities across the U.S. that has lost or is facing the loss of its post office. For tiny hamlets, such as Deadwood, Oregon with a population of 200, the crisis is not about losing a historic landmark, it’s about losing the community’s gathering place.

Where the USPS isn’t shuttering “underperforming” post offices, it’s slashing hours. It is also consolidating sorting centres and trying to outsource trucking services. These actions cause service reductions and kill middle-class jobs, but post office officials say the growing debt requires scaling down.

Community and postal worker activists disagree. “These (post offices) are the commons,” said Dave Welsh, a Berkeley resident and retired letter carrier. “These are buildings paid for by our parents and our grandparents and our great grandparents. It’s public space. It’s taking our commons away from us.”



A message from Les B. and the R.O.P.

Karl & Community

The Deadwood turn out at the Swisshome Village dinner reception sponsored by Hans Grassauer was well attended by Deadwood folks. This speaks well for our community, thanks to everyone and a special note of Thanks to Hans & his wonderful family for their community support.

There has been a request by the Rural Organizing Project to find Mapleton people who are interested in being informed and involved in the Post Office Project. The main idea is to have an infrastructure that is organized well enough to be able to hold meetings if and when our Rural and Local Post Office facilities are subjected to changes that warrant citizen and community input. I think this is reasonable. Deadwood has their act together and all of the Post Office meetings were well attended. The search for reasonable solutions to maintaining rural infrastructure is still a moving target for rural Oregon and also for the main distribution centers ( i.e. Springfield Processing Center).
If that center is closed this will affect how mail is handled and delivered to everyone in our area. (Walton, Swisshome, Deadwood & Mapleton).

The Rural Organizing Project is still our main go to group when it comes to helping us focus on the issues regarding our United States Post Office services in our communities. The staff at ROP are still active in supporting all of the involved communities across the state. This is a big job.

We have been asked to see of there are people in the Deadwood/Swisshome area who could find the time to attend speak up in support of the Postal Workers at the Gateway Processing Facility and their postal operation. These folks supported all of the rural efforts when we were threatened for closure. Now is an opportunity for us to support them and in doing so support our own best interests.

Here is the request from the Rural Organizing Project:

The Postal Workers at the Gateway Processing Facility in Springfield will be having an informational rally November 3 - Saturday) about what's happening with the postal service right now. They'd love to have someone from a rural post offices come out and speak! Can you go? :)

If there are folks willing to gear up for this please contact Jessica Campbell at ROP :

Mobile 541-288-3210
Scappose 503-543-8417

Or Give me a call and I will contact Jessica at ROP headquarters.

Les & Ann Benscoter 541 964 3666 (We are in Eugene on the first and second and may not go on the 3rd)

Thanks to Karl and Everyone.

Mr. B.
                                           ** SEE MESSAGE BELOW **
Hi Les & Karl,

One quick addition --

The Mapleton Post Office is now on the same list Deadwood and Swisshome have found themselves -- a list where the USPS is moving forward with hour and service cuts, the first step toward eventual closure. Deadwood and Swisshome have proposed hour cuts from 8-hours per day down to 4-hours, and Mapleton will be reduced from 8-hours to 6-hours per day.

We are finding that communities that put up a fight are most likely to not see closure in the upcoming months, which is why we are working to reach Mapleton community organizers now!

Finally, for the November 3rd rally, we are really looking for someone close to the Post Office fight who can share their story from the last year. Someone involved in Deadwood or Swisshome who can share stories about your organizing and the HUGE rallies in both towns last December would be fantastic!

Thank you both! Fingers crossed this works!!


The Deadwood Post Office is Saved

Jessica from the Rural Organizing Project (ROP) has been instrumental in keeping this issue in front of our legislators.  Mr. Les B. has been looking out for Deadwood and has done a great job keeping all of us informed.  Thanks Les.

ROP has been on the front lines again.  It appears that all their organizing and help has put some real juice to the Occupy Our Rural Post Office Efforts. 

A note from Jessica:

It's worth noting that:   The post office is saved for now, BUT our fight continues. They want to slash hours, force out skilled and experienced Postmasters for lower-salaried clerks, and the vicious pre-funding of benefits is still in effect, continuing to bankrupt the USPS.

There will be another community meeting by the USPS when they come to slash hours and we need to be ready to push back, or we risk having a post office open only 2-hours per week. It is our fighting that will keep the post offices operational; now we must keep up our momentum while WE ARE WINNING!


Jessica Campbell
Rural Organizing Project - Advancing Democracy in Rural Oregon
PO Box 1350
Scappoose, OR 97056

Read more:


Good Evening Karl and Community,

On Saturday, April 14 at 10:00 AM the *OR* magazine will have a reporter and a video man in Deadwood to begin a story on Rural Post Offices. They would appreciate input from any community members. You are welcome to come to our home to meet them at 10:00 AM. We are one mile above Deadwood (MP 14), across the cement bridge, first place on the left. 541-964 366 -

ROP by way of Jessica sent an interesting Post Office update. Interesting reporting.


Thank You, Mr. B.

Below are some additional links to important Post Office updates.   

Rufus Post Office - Your Photos on - Oregon Live
RUFUS, OREGON - March 26, 2012 - The rural post office in Rufus, Oregon, population 250. Beth Nakamura/The Oregonian. 

Comments on Plan to close Oregon post offices ... - Oregon Live
Plan would close 20 post offices and four processing centers in Oregon in an effort to restore the Postal Service to economic health. Share this story. 108 ... 

rufus Photos & Pictures |
RUFUS, OREGON - March 26, 2012 - The post office in Rufus, Ore., is one of 20 in the state targeted for closure by the U.S. Postal Service. Officials say the ... 

Satisfaction Guaranteed (not!): Redefining ... - Save the Post Office
It doesn't matter if dismantling the network or eliminating rural post offices will cause deterioration of service or destruction of the postal network. The goal has ... 

Merkley backs temporary Cascadia PO
Jeff Merkley said in a telephone conference call with Oregon reporters Tuesday that he supports siting a temporary post office trailer in Cascadia while awaiting ... 

By popular request I am reposting the website address from Les B.'s letter below because it is filled with good information. "The Post Office is not broke -- and it hasn't taken any of our tax money since 1971".

There have been some interesting updates regarding the Post Office.  Here is a link to an article from the Statesman Journal.  Even money-losing rural post offices must stay open, Merkley says.

The Rural Organizing Project has also been very active.  See the articles in the attachments on the toolbar on the right.

Also, see the letter below from Les B.  Great information.  

March 14, 2012

A little update: Mr. B. goes to school again. :)

Ann and I arrived home after a little birthday party for Emma Shain to find a message on our phone machine. Someone in Deadwood had received their Jim Hightower Lowdown News by way of the USPS. The voice on the other end was informing, alerting and most of all telling us to have hope, do not give up and continue to be vigilant. That wonderful voice came from a location we are all familiar with; The Upper Deadwood School House. My heart was warmed as I know our community is alive and hopefully well. I was pleased to once again be a student in the classroom. Mary Lou 'Thank You'.

The ROPnet news will also have the URL in it when we get the next issue. Until then we can all read the article and be thankful for news that not only tells us the truth, but does so in a way that all of us can appreciate and understand.

"The Post Office is not broke -- and it hasn't taken any of our tax money since 1971".

I just had to call Hightower in Austin Texas and had a wonderful conversation with the Executive Assistant Melody Byrd. I thank all of them on behalf of our community. Melody assures us that if we come up with new ideas and more plans to help in keeping the rural post offices alive and well not only in Deadwood but across our State that Hightower and Associates would be in support of our efforts.  Melody sent me the resources that Jim Hightower used when researching the article. The information is very valuable and if wanted we can have Karl post that on his/our Trading Post.

We are community - All of us, The DCS, the old DAA, 39+ Business's, The Fire Department(s), The Swisshome Community, All of our Highway 36 Area, Greenleaf and Nelson Mountain Road.

There is 'Lowdown'.  Mr. B.


I have responded to this ‘spin release’ from Senator Wyden’s office, addressing my remarks to Junie Chada in Senator Wyden’s office.  (I used the email address at the bottom of the spin, but be careful about how you type it.  It usually displays with a space between her given and sir names, but it should be an underscore, thus:  Juine_Chada is the correct form.)

Our only hope is to convince our Congressional delegation to take immediate action.  They won’t do so until they get pushed.  They need to hear from every one of us and yes, citing personal examples of the miserable inconvenience is very appropriate.  Ms. Chada, of Senator Wyden’s office is yet another target for our messages.  As we have learned, generic messages to the Senator’s website are +/- worthless and are rarely read.  Please write and please address your remarks to a specific individual.

If the common wisdom must be repeated again, It was The Congress that created this quagmire and only The Congress has the necessary authority to repair their significant error.  Beating up on the Postal Service may feel good, but it is wholly wasted effort.  Please address your remarks to individual staffers in the various Congressional offices.  Please write soon and please write often.  Thank you.


For Immediate Release: February 24, 2012
Contact: Tom Towslee, 503-326-7525

Wyden Statement on Proposed Closure of Mail Processing Facilities in Bend, Pendleton, Eugene and Salem

Portland, Or -  Oregon Senator Ron Wyden issued the following statement today on the U.S. Postal Service’s announcement that it plans to close mail distribution centers in Bend, Pendleton, Eugene and Salem.

“The closure of the mail processing facilities in Bend, Pendleton, Eugene and Salem will not only add unnecessary delays to the delivery of mail and put a greater burden on hard-working postal employees throughout the state, it also threatens the integrity of Oregon’s vote-by-mail system. These closure will make it unclear how long it will take mail ballots to travel from central and eastern Oregon and the Willamette Valley to the Portland area for processing and then back to the appropriate local election officials. In Oregon, all ballots are cast by mail and in a presidential election year, where more vote-by-mail ballots are expected to be cast, not knowing how long it will take to process those ballots could disproportionately affect rural voters. Closing these facilities carries many unintended consequence. It is not a risk worth taking.”

Juine Chada
Field Representative
U.S. Senator Ron Wyden
405 E. 8th Avenue, Suite 2020
Eugene OR  97401

541-431-0229 (o)
541-431-0610 (fax)

Haley from Blachly Lane Coop is coming out on Thursday, February 23rd and will be at the Post Office at 11:30 to take some pictures and get comments from citizens about how closing the post office will affect them. She will be writing an article for the Ruralite.

This will be a great opportunity to be heard.

Save the Date: Deadwood Community Think Tank
Monday, February 13 at 5PM
Deadwood Community Center

Over the last few months, rural and small town Oregon has ignited after the announcement of the closure of 40 rural Post Offices.  Over 23 communities in Oregon participated in December 19th Occupy Our Post Offices day of action, which began because of a suggestion from Deadwood!

Between January and April of this year, the Rural Organizing Project is holding a series of think tanks to think through the big questions around this movement and to develop next steps strategies for our communities across rural Oregon.  ROP will share strategies for and stories of small town organizing, and listen to what is working or what is a struggle in your community.

The goal of this session is two-fold: 1) to get YOUR ideas to help shape thinking for rural and small town organizing strategy across Oregon, and 2) to step back slightly from the day-to-day organizing to look at what strategies are working locally and what new directions might open up. 

All are invited to attend, regardless of your activity! This is an opportunity to think together as a community!
Jessica Campbell
Rural Organizing Project - Advancing Democracy in Rural Oregon
PO Box 1350
Scappoose, OR 97056

Thanks Everyone -- hope I have all this right?  Call if need be.  For more information call:

Les Benscoter 964-3666, Cathy Barr 964-5371 or Greg Kennedy 964-3151

Deadwood Community Members.

Thank You Karl for the January Flood photo's.

There is a community organizing meeting in the works and a notice will be coming soon. The process to secure the meeting center is in process.

In the interim the following article is well worth reading. By Mark Jamison


01/10/2012 Post Office Update

Deadwood, Swisshome Community

The 'Senator Wyden's Florence Town Hall Meeting' was attended by 6 of us from our area. Hans G from Swisshome, Regie K, Glen K, Richie G, Les and Ann B. from Deadwood were among a large group of people who attended the meeting.

Senator Wyden fielded a very broad  exchange of ideas. The range of questions and his detailed explanations of those issues was remarkable. I heard people say they couldn't find a single issue that wasn't thoroughly covered. Our group was equally impressed.

Tickets were handed out and drawn for an opportunity to speak on any subject. Our group briefly represented the community by specifically thanking the Senator and his staff for their continued support of saving the rural post offices in Oregon. We asked him to notify Juine as soon as there are any new updates in congress. Senator Wyden spoke directly to the Deadwood Community concerns and spent considerable time explaining why he believed saving all of the rural post offices from down-sizing and destruction is so very important to Oregon.

The 90 minutes that our Senator spent addressing all of the concerns of the people in attendance was impressive to say the least.
We all thank him and his staff. A special thank you to his Field Representative Juine Chada who did a remarkable job of setting all this up and on top of that she handled some very special concerns.

There was a Portland Post Office Rally that occurred at the same time our town hall meeting was going on. Our concerns were represented at that meeting by the Rural Organizing Project. The petitioning process continues and a dozen more places in our area are cooperating with the project. From Cheshire, Low Pass, Blachy (Laughing Rabbit Inc.), Triangle Lake, Mapleton and Florence. The goal is to reach 3,000 signatures by the end of January. The Rural Organization Project will be receiving all the signatures and will be preparing them for the communities to present to our congressmen.

The On Line Petition continues to gather support:   There were 241 when I check it a few minutes ago. Pass this along to all those people who are on your email list. People from the East Coast have signed the petition.
We have a model under construction to remind us of where we have been and where we are going:  The idea began as a way of identifying what was going on and where all the post offices are located.

That model is followed by the Rural Organizing Project's super model - which is a work in progress:

Thank you Jessica and Staff. Any input from our community will be appreciated and forwarded

Thank You Karl for making all this appear on the Deadwood Trading Post and for the forwarding this information to the community members and beyond.

From: All of us.


01/03/2012Post Office Update

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Senator Wyden is having a Town Hall Meeting Sunday, January 8, 1 PM at the Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue center, 2625 Highway 101, Florence, Oregon.

Deadwood has an opportunity to be there and speak on behalf of our community in regards to the closing of our Post Office. Every little bit helps.

We are going and have room for two more to ride with us. Car pooling is a good idea. We could meet at the Post Office parking lot.  If there is interest lets make a plan.

If folks cannot attend but do have questions and or input they would like represented send questions back to me (Or Call) and I certainly will make the effort to represent the issue.

My main interest is the Post Office Issue.

It would be nice if we could have a nice group attend the meeting. This keeps us in touch with our Federal government. That is important.

Leslie Benscoter
Plain Old Mr. B.
90201 Lake Creek Mountain Road
Deadwood, Oregon
541 964 3666

PS. There is a rather large Post Office Assembly meeting in Portland on this same day (January 8) Representatives from all over the state will be speaking (brief time limit) If anyone in this community can make that Rally - The Rural Organization Project would like very much 
for you to represent our Community at that Portland Rally. It is a long trip -- but just in case someone wants to do this call me so I can get back to Jessica. We are more than less all in this together.

As per-usual any mistakes here are mine and mine alone.  Les

01/03/2012Post Office Update

Jessica sent me this heads up yesterday. The ROP returned to work and the Kitchen Table Activism will continue to try to collect more petition signatures. She mentioned that they had 788 in their office and 182 online. I just noticed the online one went from 199 to 201 so there is some progress there. The goal was 3,000 signatures by 

Thank You. Les

12/28/2011Post Office Update

Deadwood & Swisshome Communities

#1. My 'Thank You' to all of you for Occupying Our Post Office on 
December 19th.

#2. The Rural Organization Project staff were motivated by your 
efforts. They took your concerns state wide and were joined by 22 
Communities. Their efforts will continue in 2012.

#3. Dr. Steve Hutkins ( ) has 
graciously taken all of the communities efforts and will be posting 
them on his blog very soon.

Here Is A Preview of what he will post on the web site: You All Earned This.

Thank You All, On Behalf Of Our Committee and the ROP Staff.

Mr. B.

PS. Todays article in *The Blog* is very interesting. Reading all of the back articles is very informative. The 'Week In Review' plus that advisory opinion are worth the effort to read and think about.

12/21/2011Post Office Update

Good Evening Everyone,

A brief and warming 'Thank You' to everyone.  You did better than good. :)  More on that Later. An update on some of the follow up news.

Mr. B.

12/15/2011Post Office Update

Dear Friends,

A reminder of our peaceful, positive rally at the Deadwood Post Office Monday, December 19 between 8AM and 5PM.  Please join us between 10AM to noon where our real-life Pony Express complete with horse and cart will make an appearance! The media will be there to record our struggle to keep our Post Office open. Please make every effort to come, and even if you can't stay, sign the statewide petition calling for Congress to fix the Postal Service's financial crisis that put Deadwood's Post Office up for closure. Please drop off your gifts of appreciation to our wonderful postal workers, Kathy and Kitty at the stand Les and Ann will have there.

We must protect our Post Office! Even though the Postal Service has issued a 5-month moratorium on rural post office closures, Deadwood is still slated for closure. We will join over 15 other communities across Oregon in appreciation of the vital service the Post Office provides rural Oregonians. Most importantly, Oregon will publicly demand that Congress respect our rural communities!
This is a very important opportunity to demonstrate our community's determination to save our post office.  Make a commitment--reply to this message to let us know you'll be there, whether for a few minutes or for the duration.

Many thanks,
Your Planning Committee: ...

Mr. B.
541 964 3666

Thank You.  This is State Wide.  Contact Friends and Neighbors - ask them to drop by and sign the petition.

12/12/2011Post Office Update  

Deadwood and Swisshome Communities.

Yesterday I discovered this:  >    
It is a long list -- we did not make the list?

The congressional offices had not heard about it. Our North West Postal Rep (Doug Gray) had not heard about it. I called the Summer Lake contact (Have Post Office In The Store) and he said they had just received word from the Portland Office that they (Summer Lake) were no longer on the discontinuance list. They were curious as to how all of this came about.

We (Deadwood and Swisshome) did not make the list yet?

Our Planning Meeting is tonight at 7 PM. :)

Later.  Mr. B.

12/10/2011Post Office Update

Deadwood and Swisshome Communities:

The following was sent out to supportive groups across the state today. Jessica and the ROP staff want each one of you to know how thankful they are for your support of Keeping Our Rural Post Offices Open.

Jessica had also attached the letter (.pdf) of support which was attached to the information sent from Senator Wydens Office. I did not duplicate the attachments. It is Good News - this is a great way to begin preparing for another chance to give input into the process. Being State wide is good -- there are 40 communities that share our concerns. County Commissioners from all over have come to the support of keeping the rural post offices open. If you happen to see any of them (i.e. Jay Bozevich) thank them. Jay also sent the good news out to all of us. Thank You commissioner Bozievich.


Mr. B. on behalf of our Communities -- including Walton (Notified by Jessica).


Hello fellow Post Office defenders!

My name is Jessica Campbell and I am an organizer with the Rural Organizing Project. We are working with Leslie Benscoter of Deadwood and Otan Logi of Swisshome--whom you may have already talked with--to save rural post offices in Oregon! Our first action is to do a friendly Occupy Our Post Office day on Monday, December 19th where we will deliver Christmas cards and cookies to our Postmasters and postal employees to show how much we care about our Post Office! We will also be collecting signatures, cards, and letters to our Senators and Representatives asking them to save rural post offices by imposing a 6-month moratorium on closures and to support legislation that allows the Postal Service to operate efficiently!

I have good news to share! Senators Wyden and Merkley both have signed onto a letter calling for a 6-month moratorium! The letter now has 20 signatories and seems to be growing by the minute! The letter and resolution are attached.

Are you getting ready to participate on December 19? Have you gotten your Christmas cards to your Postmaster and postal employees picked out?

Remember that ROP staff are excited and available to help you organize for December 19! Just send us an email or give us a call!

Jessica Campbell
Rural Organizing Project - Advancing Democracy in Rural Oregon
PO Box 1350
Scappoose, OR 97056

12/10/2011Post Office Update

Deadwood and Swisshome Communities,

This was sent to all of us from Senator Wydens Office (Today). Juine attended our first community meeting and has been working very hard to keep not only us but Senator Wyden appraised about our concerns.

We are all grateful for this.

Our efforts do make a difference. Lets keep focused on the task at hand -- the Dec 19th Occupy Our Post Office is supportive of the 6 month moratorium and better legislation.

There are attachments, I hope that is ok with everyone.

It is prudent to ask everyone to make the effort to inform those who do not have an Internet connection or are not on this mailing list. It would be neat if we had a decent showing of folks on Dec 19th to sign the petition in support of the moratorium.

(Reminder): The planning meeting in the Deadwood Creek Community Center is Monday, Dec 12th at 7PM.

Everyone is welcome.

We are sending out a second letter this evening with more supportive information from the Rural Organization Project. The ROP staff have been instrumental in taking this project state wide. Keeping everyone informed is a huge task which requires a great effort.

Thank You To Everyone.

Mr. B.


I have attached the letter and legislative language asking for a 6-month moratorium to prevent the postal service from closing or consolidating area mail processing facilities or rural post offices.
The letter is signed by 20 Senators (Sanders, Ben Nelson, Tim Johnson, Mark Udall, Bennet, Klobuchar, Tester, McCaskill, Baucus, Landrieu, Begich, Rockefeller, Wyden, Gillibrand, Leahy, Merkley, Harkin, Franken, Kerry, and Tom Udall).
If you have any questions please give me a call.
Best,  Juine

Juine Chada
Field Representative
U.S. Senator Ron Wyden

405 E. 8th Avenue, Suite 2020
Eugene, OR  97401
541-431-0229 (o)
541-431-0610 (f)

12/8/2011Post Office Update

Good Afternoon Everyone: (Deadwood and Swisshome)

A recent notice from the Postal Authorities posted in our Post Office tells us that we have 87 rented boxes and 109 on the rural route. Those figures are close to 200 to tell us something: Get the word out to everyone - many in our community do not have email. Communications are vital to saving our rural post office.
A State wide effort is being made to involve all 40 rural post offices for an Occupy The Post Office for Monday December 19th. It is time to start getting ourselves organized for the statewide action! There is a good chance that the media will cover this event.

Let's meet at the Deadwood Creek Community Center at 7PM on Monday, December 12 to make sure we are ready!

We need help with the following tasks:
* Making sure the announcement is going out to every group, church, and school
* Getting the word out in the Ditto.
* Getting in touch with neighbors, coworkers, and everyone else in person

Thank You, Everyone!
A repeat of the URL

Leslie Benscoter
90201 Lake Creek Mountain Road
Deadwood, Oregon

Jessica Campbell
Rural Organizing Project - Advancing Democracy in Rural Oregon
PO Box 1350
Scappoose, OR 97056

Thank You.  me. Mr, B.

Following the Deadwood Community Meeting and update on the Post Office, I was reminded to purchase stamps from the Deadwood Post Office.  The Post Office gets their revenue from local stamp purchases and postage originating from the Deadwood location.  If the Deadwood location is saved, we can support our post office with shipping revenue and increased commerce using the Deadwood Trading Post.

The Deadwood Community meeting will be held at the Deadwood Community Center on Sunday, 11/13/2011.  Potluck at 5:00 followed by the meeting at 6:30.

Don't forget to write to congress folks and postal management about them closing our Post Office.  It really would be a shame to lose 50% of our community.  A great website - I enjoyed the visit.  

Thank You, L.B.

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