Not to be mistaken with Deadwood, South Dakota, the Deadwood Trading Post in Deadwood, Oregon highlights our beautiful coastal mountain community. Our on-line store lists Authors, Books, Art, Pottery, Ceramics, T-Shirts, Watercolor, Paintings, Handmade Pencils, Drawings, Pen and Ink, Tie-Dye, and Wood Products. We also highlight Fishing, Hunting, Pictures of Oregon's Coastal Mountains, Logging, Creeks, Rivers, Streams, Salmon, Steelhead, Elk, Deer and other wildlife. Please take the time to visit our artist pages and enjoy your stay.

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Deadwood Trading Post

Deadwood Oregon Trading Company, Deadwood, Oregon

Oregon Sunstone Jewels is dedicated to providing responsibly mined, natural, untreated sunstones. We are committed to upholding the integrity of Oregon sunstones through our mining practices and our support and membership in the Oregon Sunstone Miners Association.

We are a small, independent mining company that carefully digs by hand through the pumice, rocks, and dirt at the mine in the Rabbit Basin near Plush in the Oregon Desert. We spend our time sorting through the earth and rocks, and, on occasion, find some truly spectacular, one-of-a-kind stones!

We specialize in rare, unique, untreated, authentic, and natural Oregon Sunstones. Every stone we find is beautiful, but nature has taken some of the stones to a level of uniqueness that is hard to describe. Our hope is that you can see their true beauty and individuality in the pictures we provide periodically.