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John Boyd is the primary pen-name of Boyd Bradfield Upchurch (born October 3, 1919, Atlanta, Georgia) a science fiction author. His best known work is his first science fiction novel, The Last Starship from Earth, published in 1968. Boyd has written eleven science fiction novels, five novels and one biography. His earlier science fiction novels were initially published by US publisher Weybright & Talley, with subsequent US and UK reprints from mainstream SF publishers.  Boyd passed away June 8, 2013.  This page is a tribute to a great author and neighbor.  His last book is no longer available.


The Slave Stealer (as Boyd Upchurch) (1968, Weybright & Talley) historical novel set during the US slavery period.
The Last Starship from Earth (1968, Weybright & Talley)
The Pollinators of Eden (1969, Weybright & Talley. 1971, France: as La Planète Fleur, published by Denoël, series: Présence du Futur #140)
The Rakehells of Heaven (1969) Weybright & Talley, Gollancz, Bantam, Pan, Penguin [Edition adds Preface]
Sex and the High Command (1970) Weybright & Talley, Bantam
The Organ Bank Farm (1970) Weybright & Talley, Bantam
The Doomsday Gene (1972) Weybright & Talley
The I Q Merchant (1972) Weybright & Talley
The Gorgon Festival (1972) Weybright & Talley, Bantam
Andromeda Gun (1974) Berkley Putnam, Berkley
Barnard's Planet (1975) Berkley Putnam, Berkley
Scarborough Hall (1976) [as Boyd Upchurch] Berkley. ghost story involving the slavery period.
The Girl with the Jade Green Eyes (1978) Viking, Penguin
Boyd Upchurch was a treasure of Deadwood, Oregon. His last work "Hitler, Stalin, Hirohito, and Me" is no longer available.
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