High Seas Floats 
High Quality Crabbing Floats
Self righting vertical floats with high visibility

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Deadwood Oregon Trading Company, Deadwood, Oregon

Designed and Manufactured in Florence,Oregon
by Lonie Wright.  Contact:  541-852-1544

Self Righting Crab Pot Floats $30.00 each

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High-seas crab floats are self righting vertical floats. 

These floats were designed to be highly visible both day and night and function as a single or double float system. You can easily tell the difference between your pots and some one else's.  They are easier to spot on the open ocean, in rough water, or heavy current. Taller floats make them easier to retrieve over the side of the boat.  

As a dual float system it gives you two targets instead of one, because who hasn't missed and had to make a second pass on your trap. As a two float system in heavy current your first float will pull under and your high-seas float will be easily visible and ready to retrieve.