Deadwood Creek Logging
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Deadwood Oregon Trading Company, Deadwood, Oregon

Lake Creek Ridge

It has been interesting observing one of the new logging projects off Deadwood Creek Road.  This site is near the Deadwood Cemetery.  The project is referred to as Lake Creek Ridge as noted by the picture on the left.  These mountains are very steep and rocky.  

A lot of blasting was required to construct the roads.  The construction company did a great job and it was fun to watch the improvements as they happened.  The trick will be to get the project cut without creating mud slides and negatively impacting the watershed.
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Dear Neighbors,

Roseboro LLC will be clear cutting the very steep (greater than 65%) slope, including the riparian buffer area, above Deadwood Creek Road between the property of Boyd Upchurch and the cemetery.  

​This slope is designated as potential for "shallow rapidly moving landslides" (HLHL).  Yarding cables from the logging will pass over the creek and Deadwood Creek Road.  Call Greg Kennedy with concerns and/or thoughts on the issue.  541-964-3151.

See attached pdt for more info.